5 Tips to Manage Home and Work (at the same time)

5 Tips to Manage Home and Work (at the same time)

Hello mommies! I have been very busy lately trying to manage both home and work responsibilities hence the lack of blog updates. I have been meaning to write some posts but I never really got time to squeeze in some time to work it out. But, anyway I’m planning out some content to roll out for you guys in the coming days. I figured it’s really time to put a little more love to this little blog 🙂 That’s why today, I’m kicking things off with a guest post from Mommy Grace of Graceful Musings.

I virtually met Mommy Grace through the Mommy Bloggers Philippines group. She shared a blog post which resonated so much with me. Staying at home and working from home were two things we had in common and I asked her to share her mommy wisdom on tips to manage home and work at the same time. These tips are so helpful for me, personally. Enjoy reading!

tips to manage home and work

After shifting from a corporate girl to working from home, I can say life has been better! When I was then working in a far away office, it was very hard to juggle two big responsibilities : motherhood and career. Most of the time, being overwhelmed of too much responsibilities at home and limited time to do all those, I tend to bring the stress in the office which affected my performance as an employee.

It was so hard to find someone to look after the kids and the growing financial problems we are facing can no longer let my husband do the babysitting – he needs to go back to work!

To make it short, I succeeded in my venture of working from home to hit two birds with one stone : to still work and help my husband with financial responsibilities and to attend to my family’s growing demands.

So, how is it possible to shine in both worlds at the same time? I am not a productivity expert nor a very, very good house-mama, but these are what I am doing to balance work, parenting and all that’s in between.

Start the day with a prayer.

I normally utter a short prayer once I open my eyes in the morning asking for guidance and strength. Doing this every morning reminds me that when everything seems to go against the plans, that I can surrender everything to Him and have the confidence that everything’s going to be okay. Always have that faith in Him who sent us here.

Prepare the whole day’s meal before the kids wake up.

When I still have the morning job, I used to wake up early and prepare our food before the kids wake up. I normally cook a dish that’s good for lunch and dinner, so I’ll just re-heat at night. My family’s not that big, so doing this is just fine and not “nakakasawa” and besides we’re having snacks in between. Breads, eggs, coffee (for me) and milk (for my boys including Daddy) are what we’re having for breakfast. We are not into “heavy meals for breakfast”.

Now that both me and hubby are on graveyard shifts, I do the cooking during my kids’ afternoon nap.

Do chores in batches.

When I was working outside home, I have to do all the household chores before leaving for work and that’s really tiring! Imagine cooking while doing the laundry at the same time? That’s crazy! Although multi-tasking is a great skill, I still believe that it is better to manage your energy more than managing your time. Doing two to three tasks at a time is stressful and can drain all the energy and patience in us. This can be harmful to our health, moms. That’s why working from home is a blessing for me and my family! Now, I can easily manage being a mother while working.

I set a timeline every day for small and daily tasks like cooking, washing the dishes, dusting, cleaning and mopping the floors and wiping small appliances. I also have schedules for bigger tasks like doing the laundry, kitchen and bathroom deep cleaning, folding clothes and putting them in their respective closets and house general cleaning.

My little munchkins are very energetic and I will get tired of cleaning all day if I am aiming for a tidy house ’round the clock. So, moms… It is okay to have a messy house, especially if we have those little balls of energy that keep messing around. We can clean up at the right time – when they’re asleep!

Write your tasks and plans.

I don’t know with you, but the old school way of planning and organizing still works for me – pen and paper! Every Mondays, I create my week’s spreadsheet and list all the things I need to do, dates I need to remember (such as bills due dates, haha!), grocery lists and all other plans I have for the week. On a daily basis, during my devotion, I still write down some important reminders and the next day’s priorities.

Writing helps me remember the things I need to do and it helps me be on track and focus on each task one step at a time. I also use an alarm clock to remind me of urgent matters and so to track how much time I am consuming in a particular task. Just to share, I really hate washing the dishes and sometimes I wash the dirty plates end of day – but when I track time in every tasks and found out that it takes less than 10 minutes to wash the dishes, I was inspired to keep the kitchen sink empty and clean all the time!

Have enough sleep.

Did you know that lack of sleep causes irritation and mental problems? Back when my only time to sleep was during travel hours going to work, I felt physically and mentally drained. I became irritable and I became angry easily over little things – that’s what lack of sleep can do to us. So, as much as possible, I am trying to replenish the energy I consumed with my daily tasks by sleeping at least 8 hours a day. This helps me feel refreshed and focused. Plus, it gives our skin a different glow. With enough sleep, our brain stays healthy that helps us achieve a clear mind.

It is very crucial to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. How we love ourselves will reflect with how we treat others. Remember to not be “hard on yourself” and stay happy. Enjoy life as it comes and do not try to do everything – you just can’t.

I hope this helps you, Mommies! I would love to hear how you manage home + work + all other errands gracefully! 🙂

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