5 TIPS to Help Aid Your Child’s Physical Growth

5 TIPS to Help Aid Your Child’s Physical Growth

Is your child at his ideal height and weight for his age? Here are tips to make sure your child’s physical growth is on track.

Owen’s physical growth has been one of our pediatrician’s concerns earlier this year. She noticed a plateau on our son’s height and weight that raised quite a concern regarding Owen’s food intake as well as sleep schedule. I really appreciate that our doctor takes time to plot our son’s weight and height to make sure he’s on the right track (Our first pediatrician did not do this and doesn’t do a thorough checkup so we switched).  But this observation really bothered me. It caused me some stress thinking if I wasn’t doing enough to ensure my child’s physical growth and if he gets to take in everything he needs for his proper development. Add to that some #mommyshaming comments from some people around us saying that Owen looks thin. The pressure!

But I thank God for Owen’s super nice doctor. She gave us some very practical tips to help Owen increase his weight and height. I also gave him some supplements and made sure he gets enough “sun time”. And after two months, our pediatrician gave a thumbs up for Owen’s progress.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you some VERY practical tips to help aid your child’s physical growth. These tips are so obvious that it made me rethink my priorities as a mom. I’ll share more on that later.

TIP#1: Make sure he/she get’s enough sleep!

Yes. It’s so obvious. Sleep. Our doctor asked us if Owen was getting enough sleep. I must admit that we were having a hard time putting down Owen for his afternoon naps as well as during bedtime mainly because of other priorities. Being a stay-at-home-working-mom has its challenges and one of them is juggling priorities. There would be times when I would get so engrossed at work that Owen’s schedule for his nap would slip my mind. Yes. Don’t judge. I’m not proud of it either. That’s why I had to rework my schedule around Owen’s schedule. Priorities.

Owen’s pediatrician reminded us that sleep and naps are important for kids because it allows their body to restore energy, make the necessary brain connections and also fuel growth. That’s why my husband and I tried our best to make sure Owen get’s his sleep. So far, Owen usually gets around 10 to 11 hours of sleep every night. His naps are around 2 to 3 hours long and that is a good sleep time for his age.

TIP#2: Make sure he drinks milk! 

Owen was exclusively breastfed for a year and a half. He’s still breastfed (yes!) until now but I also give him formula or fresh milk to supplement my depleting supply. When we were starting to wean him from breastfeeding, we only gave Owen a cup of milk (around 250ml) every day which I think wasn’t enough since his weight and height were not catching up. Our doctor told us to make sure he gets enough milk that’s why we increased it to 2 cups per day to help promote our child’s physical growth.

We used to give Owen Nido (for 1 to 3 years old) and/or Bear Brand (1 to 3 years old, too) but now he prefers to drink fresh milk instead.

TIP#3: Make sure he/she eats well.

Kids can be picky eaters. And yes, Owen is like that, too. I remember being so impatient with Owen during meal times because he sometimes takes forever to finish his food. When that happens I either just feed him (so he eats fast) or I just take away his food assuming he doesn’t want to eat anymore. But that was not healthy! For one, it doesn’t teach Owen how to eat on his own. And two, he doesn’t get to eat enough.

That’s why for the past few months, Brian and I have been trying our best to be very patient with Owen when it comes to meal times. Owen really likes it when we have sinigang, pininyahang manok and nilaga. He finishes his food fast and even asks for a second serving. But when I serve ginisang ampalaya, pinakbet, ginisang monggo or togue, he takes forever to eat! It’s easy to fall into the temptation of giving up on vegetables for your little one, but just like what my dad said, just make him eat it. Owen may take such a long time to finish eating his vegetables but at least he gets to eat them 🙂

One way to make your kid appreciate the food he/she eats is to involve them in preparing meals or cooking.

TIP#4: Make sure he/she gets enough playtime, outdoors.

There’s something magical about the sun that makes things grow. And yes, even kids! One of the most important benefits of going outdoors is getting Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb important minerals like calcium to build strong teeth and bones. This is vital in any child’s physical growth.

One of Owen’s outdoor activities is helping me or Brian tend our garden. We usually do this early in the morning or late afternoon so that the sun is not too hot. We also allow him to play outside and ride his mini-ATV. Aside from getting Vitamin D, Owen gets to practice his gross motor skills as well as exercise.

TIP#5: Give him/her supplements.

There would be days when it would be so hard to feed Owen. There would also be days when feeding him fruits and vegetables would be so stressful that he ends up throwing up everything he ate. To supplement this, we make sure he gets his daily supplements. We’re currently giving him Nutri10 Plus Syrup and he takes in half a teaspoon every day.

nutri10 plus for your child's growth

What I like most about Nutri10 Plus is that it has CGF and Lysine. It has a bunch of other vitamins and minerals, too, but Owen’s need for weight and height development calls for his CGF and Lysine intake. CGF or Chlorella Growth Factor helps aid physical growth and development while Lysine is an appetite enhancer. Owen didn’t have a hard time taking in Nutri10 Plus. I guess he likes the Ponkan flavor, as well. If you want to try Nutri10 Plus for your kids (1 to 12 years old), you can buy this at Mercury Drugstore. The 120mL bottle is priced at P180.00.

Hope these tips will help you, mommies and daddies, as well. 🙂

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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