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Homemaking For Newbie Moms

Managing the home and making sure that it’s a pleasant place to live in for our own families are quite daunting tasks for newbie homemakers like me. But with a right perspective, I’ve learned that homemaking is really about expressing love for our own families through our home.

Homemaking for Newbie Moms

Mikael Cho

Living in today’s digital age has made it quite easy for newbie homemakers like me because we have access to almost every information available out there about managing the home. Pinterest, Google,  Youtube and even mommy groups in Facebook have been my online go-tos when it comes to homemaking for newbie moms.

But instead of liberating me, I somehow felt trapped and stressed about the things that I had to do as a homemaker. There’s cleaning to do. There’s decorating to do. And there’s organizing to do! I was so overwhelmed with information that instead of doing things in love and enjoying doing these tasks for my family, I felt like a failure. Then I realized, wait! This is not what homemaking is about.

Homemaking is about function and systems.

The purpose of homemaking is to make sure that our home is a pleasurable and enjoyable space for our families. Although we like to have beautiful interiors, we have to erase from our minds the picture of pretty rooms without real people living in it. Do you get what I mean? A room maybe beautiful in terms of aesthetics but at the end of the day, that room should actually be livable.

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I remember scolding Owen one time when he made a mess in his room right after when I cleaned it up. But I felt guilty afterwards because I realized that the mess is really going to happen. He’s 3 years old. It’s inevitable. So instead of stressing myself of constantly trying to clean up his room, I realized that it was high time I setup a system of toy organization. Of course, the next step was to teach Owen how to clean up on his own. Setting up systems in the home definitely helps so we can enjoy our living spaces.

Aside from making sure that everything in the house has a function that serves the family, homemaking is also about editing out the unnecessaries. It’s about filtering what our family needs versus what’s just pretty. What works for other households may not necessarily work for ours.

I think the beauty of homemaking lies in the fact that we can be as creative as we can be in order to make our homes the best living spaces for our family.


Homemaking is about setting up your home where each member of the family can thrive.

As a homemaker, I’ve also learned that our homes should be the first place where our family can thrive. It should be a place where our husbands can feel relaxed after a long day at work. It should be a place where our kids can feel secure and loved. And it should also be a place where we, as homemakers, should also feel our best.

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Before our dream vacation places, I strongly believe that our homes should be the happiest place on Earth. It should be a place where we can nurture our relationships with our own spouse and children. I actually find it funny and also ironic how we sometimes clean up our homes just because visitors are coming over. And yet we leave it messy for our own family. Our home’s aesthetic and cleanliness should first serve our own families.

But I have to admit that doing house chores can get stressful at times. I’m sure stay-at-home moms and working moms alike would agree to this. There are just days when chores really do feel like a chore. I think this is the reason why it’s important to always remind ourselves of why we’re doing this. And it’s simply because we love our families. The Bible in 1 Corinthians 16:14 says, “Let all that you do be done in love.” Whether it’s as simple as picking up the clutter or preparing a healthy meal for the family, doing things in love helps put everything in perspective.


Homemaking is not just mom’s job. It’s the whole family’s.

Yes, mom is the head homemaker. But that shouldn’t stop the whole family from pitching in. I love how my husband would share the house chores with me. Regardless of the task, he willingly helps.

I think this is also a great way to teach our children the value of a home, how to manage it and how to make it a pleasant living space. I’m so thankful for my mom and dad for making me do house chores when I was younger. It wasn’t just about learning the skill. But It was also about learning discipline, doing things excellently and minding the people we’re living with.

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Homemaking is not just about a list of to-dos for the home – whether its cleaning, organizing or decorating. In its essence, it is about our love for the family. It’s about making sure that our families are comfortable. And it’s also about creating an environment where everyone can serve each other in love. Because at the end of the day, our efforts at homemaking will be measured by how our families feel when they are at home.

2 thoughts on “Homemaking For Newbie Moms

  1. I love this blogpost of yours,May. This is exactly what I needed as I’m now in the process of babyproofing, organizing and styling our home. I could totally relate with the pressure to come up with an IG-worthy home. LOL. So yeah, i love this. #Realtalk 😄

    1. Thanks, Sheila 🙂 Nothing wrong naman talaga with a pretty home. I’m sure our kids and husband would love it, too. The challenge really lies in trying to balance out pretty and functionality (plus safety kung may very young kids). Ang hirap pero it brings out our creativity 🙂

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