There are two things in this world that I terribly miss since I became a mom. Books and Travel. Ever since our little bundle of joy came into this world, squeezing in time to settle down and read a good book and traveling (out of town or country) have both become a luxury. Juggling house chores, freelance work, and taking care of my husband Brian and baby Owen has left me with so little time to actually read a book or plan for a family trip.  I guess I really just have to be more patient and enjoy what I have right now because as they say when you have babies, the days are long but the years are short.

Anyway, my longing for books and travel inspired me to make a simple craft project  – a bookmark and a bag tag. I really do need a bookmark right now because it’s so hard to remember where I left off after reading when I suddenly have to set the book aside because my baby woke up from his nap crying (#mommyproblems). And the bag tag? Well, the idea of it just gets me excited. It makes me feel giddy that we can travel soon.

Check out my video tutorial on how I made the bookmark and bag tag, which are both laminated. And take note, I didn’t have to use a laminating machine (#crafthacks).

Of the two projects, I really like the bag tag the most. I like how the colored page peeked through the paper cutout of my name. It looks fun and really personalized 🙂 But I’m hoping I’ll be able to attach it to a luggage bag soon.

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