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DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Try this DIY Christmas Centerpiece to add a festive feel to your home.

Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays that our family looks forward to. It can also get pretty busy because we usually go out of town to celebrate. But even if we don’t get to spend the holidays at home, I still like to decorate and make our house look Christmas-y. This year, I just re-used our old décor but I felt like I needed to add a little something to our coffee table. That’s why I decided to make a DIY Christmas Centerpiece.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece


For this project, I asked my husband to help me out since there’s woodwork involved. We used some scrap pieces of wood from a pallet to make the wooden tray. The wood was around 0.60 inches thick which is just right for the project.


DIY Christmas Centerpiece Wood Dimensions


To put it together, we started with the tray’s frame first. Secure the wood pieces with wood glue then nail them together. Sand the edges to make sure it’s nice and smooth.


DIY Christmas Centerpiece DIY Christmas Centerpiece

The next thing that we did was to stain the wooden tray. You can use any wood stain color of your choice.

Bronco Wood Stain DIY Christmas Centerpiece


After the stain completely dried, we attached a rustic looking handle on the sides. I love how the brassy color of the handle matched with the wood stain color. It looks so rustic and chic!

DIY Rustic Christmas Centerpiece


The tray itself is so pretty! I’m sure I’ll be able to repurpose this for other décor ideas. But since I’m using it for this holiday season, I filled it up with Christmas ornaments, faux foliage, mason jars and a candle for a festive feel.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece


If you want to watch a video tutorial on how I made this DIY Christmas Centerpiece, just click here.

How are your holiday preparations so far? Share them in the comments section below.

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    1. oh, thank you! the carpentry was a bit hard though because I’m not experienced :p thanks to my husband for the help 😉 Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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