My 2nd Anniversary of Being a Mom

Wow. Time does fly fast. Looking back at the pictures and videos we took, I can barely remember each day that passed by. But I miss the baby breath. I miss the coos. I miss the chubby phase. I miss the time when he would just lie down or roll over. A new phase has now officially begun. Owen is now two.

When Brian and I had Owen, I tried my best to research and to talk to people about being a parent. But I realized that it is not enough. Parenting is not just about stacking knowledge about certain do’s and dont’s. It doesn’t just stop after you’ve read a parenting book or after you’ve attended a parenting seminar. It’s a daily and lifelong commitment to your child. There are days when I would just smile and look at Owen and think that I must be doing a good job. But there are also tough days like when I would regret yelling at Owen just because he took out bowls, spoons and cups from the cabinet or when I would get mad at him because he played play-dough on the carpet. I really don’t like the tough days. It makes me feel bad about myself. Oh, the ups and downs of being a parent.

But I do learned a lot. It’s amazing how a child can teach me so many things about life. Things that I’ve forgotten. Things that I needed to accept. Things that need time.



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