Our Top 7 Toddler Books – Current Book Favorites

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Lately, Owen has been showing interest in “reading” story books. He is going to turn 3 years old in less than two months and seeing this interest in books is inspiring me to spend more time reading to him and to find him more good books to read. For a few weeks now, Owen has been requesting me to read with him before he goes to sleep at night. We only have a few toddler books in his library but I love how he would devour each one when it’s story time. Anyway, I’d like to share in this post some of his favorites.

1. The Berenstain Bears’ Home Sweet Tree by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Toddler Books: The Berenstain Bears

One of Owen’s top current favorite book is a classic Berenstain Bears’ story book. I personally love this toddler book because it is fun and it teaches Owen how to identify everyday things in the house. It’s so cute when he would refer to this book as “cookies” because his favorite part of the story was when Mama Bear baked chocolate chip cookies…and he would even pretend to eat it! So cute!

I bought this book for just P35.00 at Booksale! I don’t know though if there are still copies available but I’m sure you can find one in Amazon.

2. Sounds of the Past: Wild West 3-D Scenes with Sounds Pop-up Book by Clint Twist

Toddler Books - Wild West

This book was given to Owen as a gift last Christmas. Owen was just so amazed at the pop-ups of this book. I had to take extra care though when we would open up this book because I don’t want him to get too excited that he would rip out the pop-up pages. This book is also exciting because it has sounds when you open up the pages and it makes the scenes come alive. I’m not sure though if this can be considered a toddler book but Owen loves it.

Tita @mlouizajm and lucas, thank you for the pop up book with sounds 🙂 love, #owengabriel

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Make sure to supervise reading if you’re going to buy this book for your toddler. It has some electronic parts at the back of the book and besides your toddler might rip out the pop-ups :p This would also be a great book for pre-schoolers and even grade school-aged kids who love adventures.

3. God Gave Us The World by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Toddler Books - God Gave Us The World

I bought this book for Owen when he was still in my tummy. I love the illustrations in this book and how it tackles diversity in the world. I’m not sure if my son understands that concept but what matters most is that he enjoys reading this book. He also loves looking at the illustrations and learning about the different bears all over the world.

So amused that he’s also holding the book as i read it to him 😍 #goodnight #seasonsofparenting

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My only concern about this book is when the author referred to bamboo as a tree. I would have to edit that part because bamboo is a type of grass :p

4. Count With Maisy by Lucy Cousin

Toddler Books - Count With Maisy

Count with Maisy is a very simple counting book. It may seem pointless to buy this toddler book but it is a good way to introduce the concept of counting. I know some educators don’t recommend twaddle books but what we like about this one is how it allows Owen to freely describe the pictures and even make up his own stories. I think that is a great way to encourage his imagination. This is also a board book which makes it a big shelf favorite for me.

5. The First Rainbow by Lois Rock

Toddler Books - The First Rainbow

As a Christian, I find it important to start instilling important values such as obedience to my son. I bought this book for Owen when he was still in my tummy. This book basically tells the story of Noah and the importance of obeying God. Owen excitedly flips the pages to see the animals and how Noah built his boat. I hope we also get to add more good Bible-based toddler books in our home library.

6. Finding Dory 

Toddler Books - Finding Dory

This book is a pretty long read for a toddler like Owen. This is good for grade-school level readers but since Owen loves Dory, we bought him this book. Owen likes to flip through the pages and would tell the story by describing the scenes in the book. It amazes me how he could recall the flow of the movie and tell me story through the pictures.

7. Cars

Toddler Books - Cars Storybook Set

When it comes to young boys, you can never go wrong with Lightning McQueen. Owen loves Cars! Since he really likes it, we bought him a Cars storybook set. We bought ours from S&R and  the set came with 6 board-books. I think this is also available in National Bookstore.

Owen loves reading two to three Cars books before bedtime. I also like this set of toddler books because the story is short but the details in the pictures are just a thrill for a young boy to see. I love how Owen’s eyes would excitedly light up as he would look at the illustrations.  Often, he would “read” to me his own made up stories.

What other books does your toddler read? I would love to know about them. Please share them in the comments section below 🙂


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  1. These are some really great books. Now I know what I can gift to my little niece. Thank you for sharing this list.

    1. Thank you, Jeenu!

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