A Mom’s New Best Friend: Mommy Manual on GMA News TV

Two weeks ago, I got invited to attend the media launch of the new parenting lifestyle show, Mommy Manual. I didn’t know what to expect during the event because it was my first time to attend a launch representing just myself (and this blog) but I was really excited. So this must be how it feels like to be legit blogger. Insert shy emoticon here.

Mommy Manual premieres on June 20, 2016 at 8:30AM on GMA News TV

Mommy Manual is a weekly 30-minute parenting lifestyle show that will premiere this June 20 at 8:30AM on GMA News TV and on GMA Life TV. It can also be watched online through mommymanualonline.com. It is hosted by celebrity mommies Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio and Chesca Kramer. Mommy blogger and interior stylist Marilen Faustino-Montenegro will also join the show.

Mommy Manual hosts Marilen Faustino-Montenegro, Chesca Kramer and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

Mommy Manual was created to support moms as they take on this very challenging, oftentimes crazy, but very fulfilling role in their lives. The show aims to impart smart solutions to moms in the areas of parenting, cooking, wellness, beauty, and everything else in between. Here are the show’s segments that you can look forward to:

Newbie Kitchen
Like a lot of moms, Chesca loves to eat but is intimidated to cook. Together with a guest mentor, Chesca overcomes her fear of the kitchen as she learns how to prepare home-cooked meals that are easy-to-do, nutritious and kid-approved. If she can do it anyone can do it too!

Fab Momma
Chesca receives tons of questions from her online followers on how she keeps herself looking great. From her beauty regimen to her makeup stash to her fitness training, this segment will reveal her secrets on how she stays fab!

Rica and her son, Philip, will explore the metro to discover different places to bond with the family. From kid-friendly restaurants to quirky and fun locations, mommy Rica and Philip will show you that little adventures can be experienced anywhere you go. Also, this segment will feature have a VLOG edition where Rica shows us snippets of her personal travels abroad.

Smart Spaces
Marilen definitely knows how to manage the home. Get schooled on how to style and troubleshoot problem areas in your own home as she shares practical tips and design solutions.

Life Hacks
Moms never run out of stories. Listen in, compare notes and be inspired as our hosts chat with other moms and experts to discuss all things motherhood. Moms can get a lot of takeaways from our various topics about breastfeeding, disciplining the kids, teaching kids the value of money, dealing with miscarriage and so much more.

I’m so excited to start my week with Mommy Manual! Watch it starting June 20, Monday at 8:30AM on GMA News TV or online at mommymanualonline.com.

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