10 Ways to Become a Better Homemaker

10 Ways to Become a Better Homemaker

Ever since I decided to become a stay-at-home-working mom, I’ve always wondered how I can become a better homemaker. Maybe one of the things that have inspired me to think like so, are the beautiful and warm homes of families and friends that I’ve visited. I’m just in awe of the skills and creativity of the moms behind these homes.

I’m pretty sure that these homemakers also started somewhere. They were newbie homemakers, too, who struggled with time management, juggling chores, planning and cooking meals, and even keeping the home beautiful and clean. And how much more if these homemakers are also working moms?

But what exactly did these successful homemakers do to achieve that kind of home for their families? What are their secrets?

After some careful observation and reflection, I came to realize that these moms did 10 things that made them become better homemakers. Go ahead and grab a pen and paper because what I’m going to share with you is going to life-changing, at least for homemakers like us.

10 ways to become a better homemaker

#1 To be a better homemaker, you must have a vision.

Just like running a company, having a clear vision of what kind of home we want our family to live in is important if we want to become better homemakers. This vision will guide us on what specific tasks to do and what NOT to do.

Having a clear vision in terms of the physical setup of your home will definitely help you put together a cohesive style that reflects the lifestyle and personality of your family. I’ve noticed this in several homes of some friends who carefully puts together furniture pieces and home décor to achieve the kind of vibe they want. They don’t just buy mindlessly. Everything has a purpose.

Aside from the home’s physical setup, this vision also applies to the relational aspect of the home. Does your home encourage your family to spend time together? Is it a place where family members feel special and loved? Go ahead and assess.


#2 To be a better homemaker, you need to write and schedule everything you need to do.

One of the things that I loved when I started on this homemaking journey is being able to decide on whatever I want to do for the day. No one was telling me what I needed to finish. And I can tackle whatever project I wanted to do. But as it turned out, it doesn’t really work that way. And worse, there were even days when I would feel like such a failure because I felt like I didn’t really get anything done.

That’s why writing down plans and scheduling tasks are important. I’ve observed that to become a better homemaker, we must intentionally carve time for everything that we need to do. Systematizing the tasks at home is a big game changer. Whether you use a planner, a bullet journal or a piece of paper, I realized that it’s important to mindfully plan out our days to make sure we make the most out of it.


#3 To be a better homemaker, you must always be willing to learn.

Homemaking is a science and an art. It’s a skill that needs time and excellent effort to master. That’s why to be better homemakers, we must always have a heart, mind and hands that are willing to learn.

I remember, when my husband and I were just newlyweds, I didn’t really know how to cook adobo. When I first tried it, it tasted weird. My poor husband had to endure eating it. But after asking my dad, my mother-in-law, and even some aunts for their recipe, I was able to finally cook adobo that my family enjoys. It took a lot of tries but the important thing here is that I never gave up learning.


#4 To be a better homemaker, you should wake up earlier than your household.

I know, I know. Sleep is a sacred thing for moms (most especially for those who have babies) but give me a second here and hear me out. Waking up earlier than everyone in your family helps you get things done without distraction.

It also helps you set some time for yourself to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee for a much needed quiet time. You can use this time to pray, write down plans, exercise, or get ready for the day. It’s very refreshing, actually.


#5 To be a better homemaker, do everything with love and purpose.

Days can sometimes get long if you’re a full-time homemaker. And sometimes, when your to-do list seems daunting, you just wish for it to be over. But I’ve come to realize that a chore doesn’t have to be such a chore if you do it with love and purpose. Being mindful of the reason why we serve our families help us focus on what’s important.

let all that you do be done in love

Re-calibrating our why’s will definitely help us do our tasks easier. Besides, our families can definitely feel our care for them when we do things with love.


#6 To be a better homemaker, you need to be creative and resourceful.

One of the tasks of being a homemaker is to make sure that our homes are visually pleasant to live in. Seeing mementos, photos and décor carefully placed in the home helps invite a warm atmosphere. I’ve seen this in several homes of friends who decorate their home with travel memorabilia and yearly family photos. It’s a joy to see these memories become a visual part of the home.

And while some of us may have the budget to buy home accessories or décor, we can always challenge ourselves to work with our hands and make something. Currently, I’ve been into making macramé wall décor projects for our home. The materials for these projects are very cheap and I really like the unique charm that it adds to our home.


#7 To be a better homemaker, you need to involve everyone in the house to help.

Homemaking is not just mom’s job. It’s everyone’s job. The be a successful homemaker, I learned that we need to involve everyone in the house to pitch in the work.

Being a homemaker doesn’t mean that we drown ourselves with housework. It also means managing these tasks well by delegating some of them to our family members. In our home, my husband is the one in charge of cleaning and up keeping our garden and garage. While I’m the one in charge inside the house. We also take turns in washing dishes.

I guess the important thing here is that we allow our family to help us. It’s also a great way to teach responsibility to our children.


#8 To be a better homemaker, you need to anticipate the needs of your family.

Whenever we have out-of-town family outings, my mom is the one who is almost always in charge of the food. I get so amazed every time she would pack the things needed for the trip. It’s as if she brought a mini kitchen with her.

To be a better homemaker, we need to be able to look beyond what is happening. We need to anticipate what our family will need. Take for example your tired husband coming home from work. Even if he would say that you don’t need to prepare dinner for him, I think he would still appreciate the gesture if he comes home with a warm meal waiting for him.


#9 To be a better homemaker, you need to enjoy and have fun with your family.

Of course, being a homemaker is not just about spending energy to do tasks at home. To be a better homemaker, we must also learn to enjoy and have fun with our family. Besides, that’s actually the purpose why we keep our homes.

Make time for family game nights, movie time, or as simple as catching up and laughing together. You can also plan and prepare for family travels or even go out on family date nights to explore restaurants you’ve never tried before. Cultivating healthy relationships with each member of the family is also an important task of a homemaker.


#10 To be a better homemaker, take care also of yourself.

And lastly, we can’t just be busy taking care of our home and family. We also need time to take care of ourselves.

Take care of your body. Exercise. Eat healthy. Take care of your skin. And don’t hesitate to put on that lipstick, even if you’re just staying at home.

Take care also of your mind. Learn something new. Read books. Pursue your passion. Share your passion. Maybe it’s time to start your own blog or even a Youtube channel.

And take care of your heart. Have that quiet and strong confidence in God that He loves you and will guide and be with you wherever you go. Pray. Meditate and delight in God’s Word.

10 Ways To Become a Better Homemaker

One Day At A Time

To be a better homemaker, we need to take things one day at a time. Successful homemakers also started somewhere. They also had their fair share of heart aches, dirty sinks and, piles of laundry. But what made them better is their desire to make a home that truly reflects their love for their own families.

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  1. tweenselmom

    Great advises. I agree that before we make our family become whole, we have to be whole first ourselves.

  2. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    Oooh, I need this too! It’s so true that sometimes I don’t really get anything productive done. I guess it really helps to plan and jot things down.

  3. I try and try, but I’m no good at it. The partner and I have switched roles at home more than 2 years ago…but I do try to help him out (cook breakfast, do the laundry) while he’s still asleep. Hindi madali magtake charge sa household!

    1. mayarcenal

      Yes, so true! Super thankful talaga tayong mommies for our supportive husbands <3

  4. I love your pieces of advice. They are indeed true and doable. And once we embrace being a homemaker, everything else will follow.

    1. mayarcenal

      Thank you, dear!

    1. mayarcenal

      Thank you! <3

  5. marichu

    Agree ako dun sa #4. Kahit gusto ko pa minsan matulog talaga, pero dahil gusto kong may matapos ng wala munang mangangalabit na baby sa kin, kailangan gumising talaga ng mas maaga sa kanila.

    1. mayarcenal

      Diba? Pero minsan masarap talaga matulog haha :p I allow myself to sleep in more pag weekends. At least di masyadong hectic ang schedule ng buong bahay.

  6. Ayi

    I need this list! Hahaha! I’ve been a SAHM for seven years already and I have to say that it is a learning process. There are (many) instances when I still struggle and can’t seem to get it right, but with the husband’s support, everything is possible 🙂 Love your blog btw! 🙂

    1. mayarcenal

      Thank you, Ayi! This list is a reminder for me, too. So true na kelangan talaga ng support din ni hubby. I guess the important thing is we keep our eyes on our goal 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  7. Great tips, and I’m glad you included taking care of oneself in this list. It’s the one thing that moms tend to forget when they’re busy taking care of the family, which is kinda sad.

    1. mayarcenal

      Yes! I find it sad when moms say na wala silang time kahit man lang to swipe on lip tint. We can’t really take care of our family kung pinapabayaan natin ang ating mga sarili. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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